Lease Rent Discounting

Lease rent discounting is a product which maximizes the value of your commercial property given out on rent. The product helps to get the discounted value of the rental over the left period. This helps to the lump-sum value against rental. This is one of the best schemes offered by banks under which applicant avails a loan by pledging the future rental income to the bank from the leased property for repayment.

The loan is provided on the basis of the discounted value of the rentals, current market value of the commercial property, past credit history and dynamics of the lease agreement. Partnership firms, public-limited or private-limited companies, sole proprietors, chartered accountants, doctors, business consultants and some other professionals are eligible for the LRD.

With our doorstep service, speedy processing and expert opinion take the most advantages of the facility. Dedicated team of knowledgeable experts helps in determining whether the applicant is eligible for the loan. High standards of transparency, integrity and ethics are used to provide the extensive range of Lease rent discounting solutions.

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